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Unhappy with the partner?

“Know that he who turns back the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and  shall hide a multitude of sins!” (James 5:20) 
 I know a story of a woman who had a husband who was often drunk, committing adultery, and regularly being violent to her and the children. No one would have objected if she would have divorced. But this woman was a Christian believer.
   One day she read in the Bible: Rom 12:21; “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good!” Then it came to her, that love is a choice. She could chose between love and hate, hope and despair, victory and defeat.
    She felt that it was not God’s will that her marriage be destroyed, her children father-less, and possibly for the soul of her husband to be lost and to go to hell.  She felt that God wanted to save him, through her.  She submitted to what she felt was God’s will. 
    She then began to demonstrate to her husband, all kinds of undeserved love: she cooked special meals, made special cakes, fixed the house just the way he liked, brought him his flip-flops. She humbled herself and did all she could to go the extra mile to show him true love and the love of Christ. She pictured herself as Jesus washing the disciple’s feet, and determined to do give her husband the same love that she, undeservingly, had received from the Lord’s sacrifice from the cross!
    The husband waved the white flag and surrendered to the love of Christ through her. He began to change. First a little at the time. He was not stopping any more at the bar with his friends to drink, before returning home. But was now looking forward to return home, and seemed to enjoy the love of his wife again, more than the pleasures of the world. He also put a stop to his adulteries.
    The day came when the man, sincerely repented of his misbehaviors and sins, and His wife was finally able to lead him in prayer to ask the Lord Jesus to come in into his heart and life!
 The family was then fully restored and all were happy as they had never been before!
All this thanks to the faith and obedience to God of a little woman!

   Friends!  How many of our marriages could be restored? How many lives saved? Tragedies, violence and even suicides avoided?  If we all would just look to God, read, study, listen and obey to the loving teachings of God’s Word! 
   O, how many of us would then hear His loving voice receive us, in that great day, with the most beloved words from Our Lord Jesus:
    “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord ... Come, blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world!”   (Mat 25:23,34)

What to do when someone is destroying your life
There once lived in a village a young bride, who considered Christmas the most beautiful holiday of the year. But the soon approaching Christmas seemed to her to be the most tragic of her life. Her mother in law hated her, was cruel to her and was lying and complaining about her to her son. As a result her husband began to be mean to her, to drink and lately even commit adultery... One of her friends advised her to go to a certain wise old man to ask for help. The woman, a little reluctantly, went. She told the old man of all her woes and then said: “I want that horrible woman OUT of my life FOREVER! SHE IS DESTROYING MY LIFE. WHAT can I do?!  The old man, after a moment of silence, said: “You seem determined for anything…” “Yes, anything!” she said. “There is only one solution, you will have to kill her.” The woman looked to the man gratefully for saying what she, hypocrite even to herself, was pretending of not thinking. “Take these, they are miraculous herbs. One of their properties is to develop a sweet tasting slow poison. You will tell your mother in law that you want to give her some rare, healthy herbs, as part of your Christmas gift. Mix the herbs with her food and by Christmas she will be dead. It will all appear a natural death. There is one more important thing you must do, so that our plan will have maximum results. You must begin to be very kind to her and fulfill all her wishes, you must be loving to her even if she insults or lie about you. This way, nobody will suspect anything when she dies!”  The woman agreed and left. She then began to follow all instructions day by day.
   It was almost Christmas, when the mother in law began to treat the daughter in law lovingly and telling all her friends how blessed she was to have such a humble and obedient daughter in law; the perfect wife for her son! And him, influenced by the new harmony of love in the house, had stopped drinking and was again as loving and faithful to his wife as when they were engaged.  Then also the young woman began to love
her mother in law sincerely.  Her eyes opened to the fact that many of the past problems had been because of her pride, lack of humility and of being spoiled. She saw that these sins had blinded her eyes to the point of wanting to commit a murder!   Again she desperately ran to the old man, now for a very different reason. She told him: “Please, help me! Give me an antidote!  I must stop the poisoning!  I don’t want to kill my mother in law any more! I… love her! “That is not possible,” said the old man, “there is no antidote.” “Oh, my God!  What have I done! I will be guilty for ever!”  The man said: “Stupid girl! … Those herbs were not poisoning, don’t worry!...The herbs were a means to teach you that only love could clean the evil that was poisoning your heart. This is why the love you showed your mother in law had miraculous power. if now you see your sin, it means that love has healed you.  Love is the best investment. It costs us only a little pride, a little effort, but God always repays us beyond our hopes. You have now discovered where the miraculous power is, in God’s love. Use it now to heal others. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!” The young wife returned to her home, now a little heaven. She was like flying. Her eyes rose to the sky and even though it was a cold, rainy day, she saw the most beautiful Christmas of her life approaching. 
1Jo 4:10-11,8  “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation (payment) for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another… for God is love.”