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Message received from a sister from US:


I was in prayer 7-6-2013 @ 4:22am. I felt  impressed to write down the words that came into my heart. Read the words below and judge them for yourself.

 I am giving you a heavy mantle to tell people to seek me while I may be found.  Don't worry about where to start just start somewhere. Perilous times are coming and I (Jesus) am the only way out. You need complete and total trust in me. I will tell you things that the world can't know unless I (God) reveal it to them. I don't need gps systems, the medical profession, the global market, food administration or a sovereign nation because all of these things already belong to me.  I AM GOD!

 My word reveals who I am and what I have done. There is nothing new under the sun. I will continue to do that which I have done. Seek Me in this midnight hour while I may still be found. Tell the people to give their hearts to Jesus and seek the face of God. Read the Bible and the Holy Spirit will bring you into all truth concerning my plans and the plans of the adversary for your life. Choose ye this day which you will serve, then go that way. The judgment seat is an appointed time for everyone.

 Tell them that I love them. I made them for my Glory. To walk and fellowship with me. They are the delight of my heart when they praise me, when they give to others and help one another in my name. Come to me all those who are heavy leaden and I will give you rest.

 If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways (disobedience to God in any way is wicked) then I will hear from heaven and I will be their God and they will be my people. Now hide my word in your hearts as fast as you can and walk with me so that I can be your real, legal and righteous protector. God the father, the almighty most high living God.

 I would that no man be lost. Time is very, very short. Come to me now! When I call you out I will make the way possible for you to go. This message is the same for everybody. The time has come when the things in this life will do you no good unless they be directed by me. Nothing you have is sacred and you can't bring it here. So use it there to bless and be blessed. Be willing to open your mind to me. I want to do so much for you but you limit me. Your thinking is too small. I am a big God. I can do exploits. I will do exploits because I love you and I know the plans I have for you to do good but I can have no parts or piece of a double minded man. How will you know which part or piece is me unless you know me wholly and become single minded about who I really am in your life.

 I am the God that created and owner of all things. Now is the time to pray for individual souls to be saved and hearts and minds to be turned toward me.  The worldly position of a person is not important only the position of the heart towards me. Pray for everyone to turn to me while I may still be found.

-End of message-